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AFL seeks club feedback on list activities

  • Thursday, July 22 2010 @ 09:20 pm ACST
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General News The AFL today said it had written to all clubs seeking their feedback on a number proposals being considered by the AFL Player Movement Working Party, as part of the annual examination of the competition's draft and trading rules.

AFL General Manager Football Operations Adrian Anderson said clubs had been asked to respond on potential changes for the 2010-11 off-season, covering:
- Rookie List Rules.
- Attracting Elite Athletes from other sports to the AFL competition.
- Eligibility Rules around Rookie List, International, International Scholarship and Three-Year Non-Registered Players.
- Player movement from the Primary List to the Rookie List.
- Potential introduction of an Inactive List.
The working party comprised Adrian Anderson (AFL General Manager Football Operations), Rod Austin (AFL Football Administration Manager), Scott Clayton (Gold Coast FC Recruiting Manager), Brett Clothier (AFL Manager Integrity Services), Andrew Dillon (AFL General Manager Legal Affairs), Andrew Ireland (Sydney Swans FC Chief Executive Officer), Simon Lethlean (AFL Manager Broadcasting, Legal & Business Affairs), Chris Pelchen (Hawthorn FC General Manager Player Personnel and Strategy), Peter Rohde (Port Adelaide FC Football Operations Manager), Steven Trigg (Adelaide Crows FC Chief Executive Officer) and Ken Wood (AFL Manager TPP Assurance & Advice), and had a particular focus on the ability of clubs to be able to attract and develop talent during the expansion period while Gold Coast and Team GWS join the national competition.

"The AFL's Draft and Total Player Payment rules have produced an evenness of competition that is almost unheard of in an elite competition, with every one of the current AFL clubs having made a preliminary final at least once since the 2000 season," Mr Anderson said.

"This has been achieved with the agreement of our player group, and it is extremely important that we continue to provide the best opportunities for players to enter our competition and for clubs to be able to develop talent.

“During this expansion period, with Gold Coast and Team GWS having a major impact on early selections in the next two National Drafts, it is important to look at all the opportunities available to clubs to consider talent, and the opportunities that are provided to players to join our competition and a number of proposals are on the table for feedback from the football industry," he said.

The various discussion points in greater detail are as follows:

Rookie / International / Three-Year Non-Registered Eligibility – Should the age requirement be removed from rookie eligibility. Should clubs be allowed greater scope on how they can fill positions on the rookie list, by being able to include international players and three-year non-registered players to the three additional rookie spots rather than the main rookie list. Should the International Scholarship List be expanded to include recent immigrants.

Rookie Lists – Should clubs be given the option to leave one rookie position open after the Rookie Draft, to be filled after the NAB Cup Grand Final and prior to the commencement of the Toyota Premiership season, so as to provide greater flexibility around the playing list. Clubs could consider having trialling players as part of a training squad during the summer or be able to assess state league players, before making a decision on the eve of the season.

Elite Athletes – The AFL wishes to continue to attract the best athletes to play the game. Should there be the introduction of a specific ‘elite athlete’ rule for someone coming from a recognised elite competition in another sport.

Player Movement / Primary List to Rookie List – Should clubs be permitted, with the consent of a player, to transfer an out of contract primary list player to the rookie list at List Lodgement One.

Inactive List – Should the AFL consider the introduction of an inactive list for compassionate or exceptional circumstances, to allow a player to take ‘leave’ from the AFL and return directly to their prior club. Currently, players may only re-enter the AFL competition via the draft.