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2011 Australian Women’s National Championships Division 2 teams named

  • Saturday, June 04 2011 @ 01:47 pm ACST
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General News

The 2011 Australian Women’s Nationals, to be held in Adelaide, South Australia, are almost upon us! As the days count down, the four division 2 teams, NT Thunder, ACT, New South Wales and Tasmania, have finally announced their line-up.

The event will run from June 7th to 11th, and will include a rest day on the 9th. An opening ceremony will be held on the 7th at the City Mazda Stadium, Richmond. The Grand Finals will take place at Gliderol Stadium, Glenelg, on the 11th. More information can be found in the event’s programme, downloadable here.

Future Female Footy Stars to watch out for:

Blues’ “female Daisy Thomas”, Alison Parkin, who kicks with both feet and is an exceptional athlete. Having won Rookie of the Year in 2007 in her first Nationals Year, and named in the SWAFL team of the decade in 2009, don’t be surprised if she steals the ball, as well as the hearts of a few footy fans.

Also from NSW, the small Roxy McGee is a forward with the pace to drive the attack, whilst the Blues’ mature rookie, 34 year old Natasha Devlin, a former karate champion, is naturally a tough competitor and will bring solidity to the NSW midfield.

Young Lateesh Jeffrey is NT Thunder’s Rising Star, not to be outshone by the formidable, Nicole Simmons, dominant in any position, who has showed superstar quality at Palmerston this year. Also to watch on the Thunder list is last year’s best and fairest, Stephanie James, boasting incredible fitness and skills that can create chances for the NT side.

Another up and coming youngster is ACT’s Heather Anderson who has already showed great promise in the Youth Girls’ Nationals. Also shining bright are Louise Castle, ACT’s female Joel Selwood, and another youngster, Kasie Nugent, a fast learner who can transfer theory to skills on the field.

The team lists:


Coach: Anita Rhook

1 Stephany James (Waratahs)
2 Summer Caston (Waratahs)
3 Hayley Davey (Palmerston)
4 Karlee King (Darwin)
5 Natasha Medbury (Palmerston)
6 Gabby King (Darwin)
7 Kerri-Anne White (Palmerston)
8 Kristy Irvine (C) (St Marys)
9 Beckie Taylor (St Marys)
10 Felicity Tankey (Palmerston)
11 Delsey Ah Wang (Darwin)
12 Tabitha Robinson (Waratahs)
13 Emma Cillinson (Darwin)
15 Nicole Simons (Palmerston)
17 Kira Hamilton (Nightcliff)
18 Rhiannon Busch (Palmerston)
19 Lateesha Jeffrey (Palmerston)
21 Sally Williamson (Waratahs)
20 Jennie Attrill (St Marys)
22 Kate Nickelson (Palmerston)
23 Susan Lampton (Darwin)
24 Breeanna Brock (Waratahs)
29 Lauren Motlop (Palmerston)
31 Karen Jarvis (Waratahs)
32 Trudi Lines
36 Anita Rhook


Coach: Adrian Pavese

1 Hannah Dunn (Queanbeyan Tigers)
2 Louise Castle (Eastlake)
3 Hannah Gill (Queanbeyan Tigers)
4 Melinda Hyland (Riverina Lions)
5 Elise O’Dea (Eastlake)
6 Bek Hall (Eastlake)
7 Luisa Marzotto (Ainslie)
8 Kasie Nugent (Eastlake)
9 Melissa Backhouse (Eastlake)
10 Rebekah Allen (Gungahlin Jets)
11 Melissa Hurley (Ainslie)
12 Sarah Rose (Eastlake)
13 Emily Diprose (Eastlake)
14 Karina Demant (Eastlake)
15 Rachel Colbert (Belconnen Magpies)
16 Raphaela Jarvis (Eastlake)
17 Hannah McIntosh (Eastlake)
18 Nicole Keir (Riverina Lions)
19 Heather Anderson (Belconnen Magpies)
20 Hannah Wallett (Belconnen Magpies)
21 Courtney Houran (Riverina Lions)
22 Danielle Peel (Riverina Lions)
23 Julie Maclean (Riverina Lions)
24 Meredith Wells (Eastlake)
25 Casey Byrne (Riverina Lions)


Coach: Tracey Kick

1 Kristy Williams (Sydney University)
2 Una McKay (Sydney University)
3 Jenna Linehan (UNSW Stingrays)
4 Olivia Hall (Balmain Dockers)
5 Laura Holdsworth (Balmain Dockers)
6 Michaela Ekman (Western Wolves)
7 Renee Harrington (Sydney University)
8 Alison Parkin (Balmain Dockers)
9 Roxy McGee (Newtown Breakaways)
10 Sandra Ryan (Bondi Shamrocks)
11 Natasha Devlin (Newown Breakaways)
12 Penelope Wilmot (Newtown Breakaways)
13 Stephanie Foster (Newtown Breakaways)
14 Toni Noble (Newtown Breakaways)
15 Renee Sochor (UNSW Stingrays)
16 Amelia Dever (Sydney University)
17 Jen Lew (Sydney University)
18 Marie Keating (Sydney University)
19 Rachel Barger (Balmain Dockers)
20 Tahneal James-Woody (Newtown Breakaways)
21 Kylie Williamson (Newtown Breakaways)
22 Libby Sadler (Sydney University)
23 Mel Khoury (Sydney University)
24 Lara Creber (Sydney University)
26 Jemma Still (UNSW Stingrays)
27 Christine Coles (Southern Power)
28 Courtney Gum (UNSW Stingrays)


Coach: Trent Bartlett

1 Keren Scotney (North Hobart)
2 Jessica Whelan (Spreyton)
3 Amanda Silva (Clarence)
4 Maddison Smith (Clarence)
5 Angela Dickson (Launceston)
6 Kieren Hutchinson (North Hobart)
7 Sommer Bissett (Spreyton)
8 Cara Brooke (Hobart)
9 Nikki Ellis (Yeoman)
10 Bree Dickson (Spreyton
) 11 Chantelle Graham (Spreyton)
12 Robyn Allchin (Clarence)
13 Kristy Reid (Spreyton)
14 Debra Allen (Yeoman)
15 Kate McCreadie (Clarence)
16 Emma Oliver (Launceston)
17 Rachael Moore (Yeoman)
18 Nietta Lynch (North Hobart)
19 Jessica Wuetschner (Clarence)
20 Krystal Chugg (Launceston)
21 Kristy Baker (Clarence)
22 Sandy Eaton (North Hobart)
23 Sarah Holland (Spreyton)
24 Alissa Ritchie (Spreyton)
25 Breelea Bakes (Spreyton)
26 Katie Cole (Clarence)
29 Letita Johnston (Launceston)
30 Stephanie Shaw (Spreyton)
32 Allyssa Czylok (Yeoman)