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  • Monday, June 13 2011 @ 12:05 am ACST
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General News

Readers will probably have noticed the scrolling football scores across the top of our website over the last year or so. In case you were wondering, they come courtesy of The Footy Record (TFR), a site set up by Ian Hill, a good friend of worldfootynews.com and a former president of the Denmark Australian Football League.

The site focuses mainly on scores from international Aussie Rules, but it's important to note that people behind TFR do not enter most of the results themselves as the job would be too large. If a league wants to see their results up there it is their responsibility to make contact with TFR, arrange for an account and enter their own results. Some exceptions have been made, with TFR posting International Cup results and WFN putting up AFL scores to try to add attention to the feed.

Adding scores from other tournaments requires a new competition to be created and additional information to be added, so it's not something we do routinely, not even for tournaments featuring the World XVIII and South Pacific. So the message is we like scores feed but we nor TFR have the resources to update the data so it's strictly DIY.