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World Team defeat Northern Territory

  • Sunday, July 10 2011 @ 03:10 pm ACST
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General News

The World XVIII has defeated the Northern Territory by 16 points in the NAB AFL Under 16 Championships.

Unlike the South Pacific which has a true international list, the World squad is a mixture of players who are learning the game overseas and those who are first generation Australians, such as with African refugee backgrounds.  The World XVIII also had more significant age concessions than the South Pacific side.

Nevertheless, coupled with the South Pacific's 2 point win over Tasmania earlier in the day, this is a tremendous result for international footy.  They key outcome of these championships may be a scramble by AFL clubs to scholarship list some of these players.  It also begs the question, has international football reached the point that it demands 1 or 2 teams in the NAB AFL Under 18 Championships, the main recruiting forum for AFL clubs?

More details of the U16s if and when we can procure them.