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Next up for World and South Pacific

  • Monday, July 11 2011 @ 10:40 pm ACST
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General News

The next round of matches for the World XVIII and South Pacific in the NAB AFL Under 16 Championships are as follows:

Round 3 - Wednesday July 13
NT v Tas – Bruce Purser, Rouse Hill, 10am
NSW/ACT v South Pacific – Bruce Purser, Rouse Hill, 12.05pm
Qld v World – Bruce Purser, Rouse Hill, 2.10pm

You can also read more about their first round here:  International teams in upset wins on the AFL website.

Pleasingly we can confirm that many of the truly international (still based outside of Australia) players selected did indeed play in the World team's win over the Northern Territory. Specifically, there were 8 internationals played: 3 Canadians, 2 South Africans, 1 from USA, 1 from Scotland and 1 from Ireland.