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AFL Rookie Draft has many international flavours

  • Tuesday, December 20 2011 @ 08:00 am ACDT
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General News

Last week’s Rookie draft saw the listing of two Irishmen. But also we saw some others with exotic heritage listed with AFL clubs, such as Tasmanian born Gold Coast recruit Aaron Hall’s whose mother is Fijian.

Richmond are putting together a highly varied multicultural mix.  Joining their Irish recruit John Heslin (and PNG scholarship listed players) are Ben Darrou whose father was born in Morrocco and Samoan Piva Wright (see Youtube video of Piva on TAC future stars below).

The biggest newsmaker with exotic heratige though is Lin Jong who was taken with the number 9 pick by the Western Bulldogs. Jong’s parents are from East Timor and Taiwan.

And for good measure here is some footage of Jong in the TAC cup this year.