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Northern Lights outclass Liberty

  • Wednesday, August 13 2014 @ 09:05 pm ACST
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International Cup 2014

The Canadian Northern Lights continued their march towards another Grand Final appearance, easily accounting for the United States reserves side; the Liberty.

The Canadians came in as heavy favourites to beat the Liberty after having just convincingly defeated the Freedom earlier in the week. The opening quarter showed that the favourites tag was definitely deserved, kicking six goals to none. The quarter time score showed Canada leading 6.2 (38) to 0.0 (0).

Despite this being the first match of the tournament for the Liberty, Canada did not show any mercy, adding on another three unanswered goals in the second quarter. The Lights went into the main break with a score of 9.6 (60) to 0.0 (0).


The Canadians had clearly been told to play on at all costs and it was working for them. Despite the occasional hiccup, the constant speed could not be matched by the Liberty. This speed helped to pile on another six goals to none in the third term, bringing the score to 15.9 (99) to 0.0 (0) at the final break.

The final quarter ran a similar course to the rest of the match, with the Lights kicking four unanswered goals to bring the final margin to 125. The margin was within three points of the women’s International Cup record of 128-point margin set by Ireland in 2011. 19 goals also equalled the most goals kicked in a match.

Every single Canadian girl played close to a flawless game, but Aimee Legault, Kirsten Bodashefsky, Hilary Perry and Candace Kwan were still major standouts. The Lights had many goal kickers including Bodashefsky and Jen Nicholls who both scored multiple goals. Lissa Reggets was a highlight for the Liberty and one to watch in future Liberty games.

The Liberty may have left the field without a score, but they still left in high spirits and to the loud applause of their fans.

Canada Northern Lights: 6.2 9.6 15.9 19.11.(125)
United States Liberty: 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 (0)


Canada Northern Lights: Fluit 3, Arnold 3, Legault 2, Perry 2, Nicholls 2, Hickey 2, Bodashefsky 2, Costanza, Dickinson, Walshe

USA Liberty:

Best players

Canada Northern Lights: Perry, Bodashefsky, Arnold, Dickinson, Hickey, Smith

USA Liberty: Regets, Georgiadis, Castillo, McNabb