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Demons & Scorpions Take Out Movember Cup

  • Wednesday, December 04 2019 @ 04:05 pm ACDT
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Maybe the teams are not at their fullest strength and maybe playing for an off-season cup isn’t quite as intense as a premiership season. However, make no mistake – all players who represented their teams at last weekend’s Movember Cup in Manchester were there to firstly raise money for cancer and secondly – compete, maybe even win.

After all of the pool matches were done and dusted, and the finals played, the Wandsworth Demons from AFL London had taken out the men’s cup whilst the more local Nottingham Scorpions took out the women’s title.

The hosts, the Manchester Mozzies, were runners-up in both men’s and women’s competitions.
Whilst a final figure is yet to be confirmed, the Mozzies themselves have stated that they had “smashed through our fundraising targets” at the event.

Amongst the highlights beyond the finals, the French team Perpignan Tigers won a match in Pool A and gave two highly competitive showings in their other two matches. The Tyne Tees Tigers also continued to impress, finishing second in the pool.

In Men’s Pool B, the Galway Magpies made the trip from Ireland count, taking out second place in Pool B. Surprise packet – St Peter’s Gaelic – also performed admirably with a win and an unlucky one-point loss.

AFLCNE teams dominated the women’s draw with both the Manchester Mozzies and Nottingham Scorpions being undefeated in the pool before the Scorpions were way too good for the Mozzies in the final.

Scores: Pool A (Men’s)

Sussex Swans 42 d Huddersfield Rams 1
Wandsworth Demons 29 d Perpignan Tigers 13
Wandsworth Demons 53 d Sussex Swans 15
Birmingham Uni (1) 30 d Perpignan Tigers 23
Tyne Tees Tigers 63 d Huddersfield Rams 12
Perpignan Tigers 23 d Huddersfield Rams 8
Sussex Swans 27 d Tyne Tees Tigers 13
Wandsworth Demons 52 d Birmingham Uni (1) 5
Tyne Tees Tigers 33 d Birmingham Uni (1) 13

Scores: Pool B (Men’s)

London Swans 22 lost to Manchester Mosquitoes 57
Birmingham Uni (2) 7 lost to Galway Magpies 62
London Swans 54 d SE London Giants/Sussex Swans 7
Birmingham Uni (2) 15 d St Peters Gaelic
London Swans 51 d Birmingham Uni (2) 2
St Peters Gaelic 22 d Galway Magpies 20
Manchester Mosquitoes 47 d SE London Giants / Sussex Swans 34
SE London Giants / Sussex Swans 15 lost to Galway Magpies 27
Manchester Mosquitoes 36 d St Peters Gaelic 15

Scores: Women’s Pool

Birmingham Uni (1) lost to Scottish Mixed 32
Birmingham Uni (2) 7 lost to Nottingham Scorpions 20
Scottish Mixed 3 lost to Mozzies
Birmingham Uni (1) 29 d Birmingham Uni (2) 8
Mozzies 22 d SE London Giants / Sussex Swans 1
Nottingham Scorpions 12 d SE London Giants / Sussex Swans 0
Birmingham Uni (2) 3 lost to SE London Giants / Sussex Swans 29
Birmingham Uni (1) lost to Mozzies 68
Scottish Mixed 6 lost to Nottingham Scorpions 52