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Night Grand Final Looming

  • Thursday, June 04 2020 @ 09:01 am ACST
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Take part in our poll at the bottom of this story and on the website's side panel to gauge interest in whether the AFL should move towards a night grand final. The story below looks at the concept based on Eddie McGuire's beliefs.

Collingwood president Eddie McGuire added further fuel to to fire concerning the AFL moving towards a night grand final. The argument has been emotive for a number of years now without any firm decision being reached. However, McGuire today suggested that the AFL might be forced to consider the change in light of the season postponement due to COVID-19. With the MCG being booked already to accommodate cricket fixtures, and the cricketing powers at state and national level unwilling to budge, McGuire believes we could see an "historic" end to this season.

McGuire told radio station Triple M, “If everything goes according to plan I think we’ll have a night Grand Final this year.”

“I think we’ll have the Manikato Stakes at Moonee Valley on the Friday night, I think we’ll have the holiday on the Friday, then Saturday will be the Cox Plate and Saturday night will be the Grand Final.

“I think for AFL football, Channel 7 and Fox Footy would be very, very keen to get as much viewership as possible on the Grand Final given the restrictions that have happened so far this year.”

For as long as the argument has been ebbing and flowing, there has been a big push by power-brokers to switch to a night final extravaganza, however some are sceptical as to the motives - whether the move is for the people (as they claim) or for in revenue. Both arguments have merit, but few statistics on what the public really wants.

Upcoming polls and opinion pieces may shed more light on this in coming weeks. Go to our home page and have your say to give a small sample of how the World Footy News community feels about a night grand final.