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ARTW Team Podcast #8

  • Tuesday, May 21 2024 @ 05:53 pm ACST
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This week Adam, Greg and Troy discuss the news, scores and upcoming events in the next two weeks of footy around the world.

ARTW Team Podcast #3: AFL Season Launch

  • Tuesday, March 12 2024 @ 06:43 am ACDT
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Adam, Greg and Troy discuss the AFL's Round 0 season kickoff, cover all the recent footy news and results and look at what footy is coming up around the world.

Vale Neil Kerley AM

  • Thursday, June 30 2022 @ 11:50 pm ACST
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Australian football is in mourning following the death of South Australian great Neil Kerley AM. The following statement is from the AFL.

AFL Chief Executive Officer Gillon McLachlan today paid tribute to Australian Football Hall of Fame member Neil Kerley AM, describing him as the lifeblood of the game in South Australia.

International Cup delayed again until 2024

  • Tuesday, April 26 2022 @ 04:34 pm ACST
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The AFL this past weekend released the following statement confirming a further delay in the International Cup until 2024.

The AFL has decided to postpone the AFL International Cup scheduled for 2023, with planning underway for the next edition, targeting 2024.

Taking into account a number of factors, including the significant investment required from the AFL to host the event and with the ongoing financial impact on the AFL and AFLW competitions caused by the pandemic, it has been determined that the competition will be rescheduled.

EVERY Heart Beats True

  • Sunday, September 26 2021 @ 09:31 pm ACST
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It is one of the AFL/VFL’s most stirring theme songs – Melbourne’s song being belted out by the faithful at Optus Stadium in Perth after claiming the club’s thirteenth premiership after a 57-year drought.

Last night people across the world were able to join in song with the Demons as emotions ran a faction higher than normal as droughts were broken, curses lifted, debts paid, potential realised and dreams came true.

I knew the words, having been to every Port Melbourne flag from 1974 to 1982 – six flags in nine years, all at the grand old Junction Oval. Port had the same theme song and I belted it out with gusto, and my family, as we took out Oakleigh, Dandenong, Sandringham, Coburg and Preston – all comers. None could down The Boroughs, and the song resonated across Melbourne for years – and in our car on the way home. But it wasn’t often applied to the Melbourne Demons over that era.

Ben’s Road To Freedom

  • Tuesday, September 21 2021 @ 11:25 pm ACST
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Life has a habit of presenting second chances to people. Not all are taken, but there are many cases of people believing their chance to do something has passed only to be given a second chance and gleefully take it. I know it has happened to me – more than once – and my life has been changed and bettered by the experience.

The appearance of Ben Cousins at Sunday night’s Brownlow Medal count in Perth rated as one of the subtle highlights of the night. He didn’t say much to the salivating press, but what he said was, it seems, genuine, grateful and optimistic. Admitting that it had been a while since he had been to such an event (since his retirement from the AFL level in 2010), he was happy to state that it was “great to be here” and that he was “looking forward” to the night.

He even offered a concession, stating that “we all find ourselves in different situations along the way and it’s just great to be here tonight”. It amounted to a candid acknowledgement of his journey in life to date.

From Despair to Triumph – A Story About a Pride of Lions

  • Monday, September 20 2021 @ 07:58 am ACST
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Yesterday in the AFL Cairns competition, the Cairns City Lions defeated the Cairns Saints by 11 points. It was their first flag for a little less that 13,000 days (for those who like to count such things), but there was something far more significant about this win. This time we only need to go back a bit over four years to complete a remarkable footy story.

(Image: AFL Cairns)

I was lucky enough (in a sense) to be on the field back in late 2017 wearing a Cairns City Lions jumper as they went down horribly by 290 points to the South Cairns Cutters. That day I played mainly forward or bench. Either way I was in a great position to watch a massacre that many would see as the nadir for the Lions. It was the day that a crossroad became real. The club had people like myself and some other Pyramid Power lads fill in to ensure they fielded a team. They had no reserve grade. With less than 20 players on their list, a terrible season on the scoreboard and potentially some sponsorship fallout, the future, that day, was grim.

The 21st Century A Drought Breaker

  • Sunday, September 12 2021 @ 08:13 am ACST
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Whilst the term "drought breaker" has a far more serious meaning across the world in these times of global warming, the 21st has been a drought-breaker so far for a large number of AFL clubs. A brief look unearths:

  • In 2001 Lions win first flag for 57 years

  • in 2004 Power wins first ever (in AFL)

  • in 2005 Swans win first flag for 72 years

  • in 2007 Cats win first flag for 44 years

  • in 2016 Dogs win first flag for 62 years

  • in 2017 Tigers win first flag for 37 years

  • in 2021 Demons win first flag for 57 years ??


Perth to host the 2021 AFL Grand Final, time TBD

  • Wednesday, September 01 2021 @ 01:42 am ACST
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The AFL has today announced that Optus Stadium in Perth will host the 2021 Toyota AFL Grand Final.  However the start time is yet to be determined.  While he timeslot is likely to be determined by the biggest audience in the eastern Australian states,  many around the world eagerly await that timeslot to see when the match will start for them.

Grand Finals parties are an important part of the calendar for footy clubs around the world who use the event to fund raise and to build their footy community far from the home of the Australian game.  At any rate there are few places outside of Asia/Pacific that the time is hospitable, but the sooner clubs know the sooner they can promote the event, book venues and sell tickets.       
The announcement comes after the Victorian Government agreed to the Grand Final being relocated from the MCG for the second year running due to the ongoing effects of the pandemic.

Passing The Baton – Cairns Finds More Talent

  • Sunday, August 22 2021 @ 03:58 am ACST
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It was certainly a bittersweet day at the Gold Coast Suns today. Trounced by 87 points by a rampant Sydney Swans, the club had no choice but to wear the defeat and then put 2021 behind them – reset for 2022.

Part of that reset was a changing of the guard as old made way for new. On the same day as youngsters in Joel Jeffrey, Jeremy Sharp and Jy Farrar strutted their stuff in their first seasons, Zac Smith said farewell.

But of major importance for north Queenslanders, it was the day that Jarrod Harbrow retired after 262 games for the Suns and the Western Bulldogs. The former Cairns junior – playing for both the Manunda Hawks and South Cairns Cutters – went on to have an illustrious career as a hard-running, courageous defender from 2007 to 2021; 15 seasons at the highest level. Along the way he was a Suns’ club champion and holds club records for most possessions and most wins.

Picture Credit: afl.com

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