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Black Lives Matter

  • Tuesday, June 09 2020 @ 07:38 pm ACST
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Of course, All Lives Matter. However, gatherings across the world have been raising awareness to the fact that black lives are a part of that statement and deserve recognition to be included within the term “All”. As a show of respect and support, the following list shows the names of indigenous Australian men and women who have played at VFL, AFL or AFLW level.


Winston Abraham, Matthew Ahmat, Robert AhMat, Joe Anderson, Tony Armstrong, Jarrod Atkinson, Les Bamblett, Chance Bateman, Laurie Bellotti, Harley Bennell, Jamie Bennell, Eddie Betts, Peter Bird, Alan Bloomfield, Ashley Blurton, Shane Bond, Troy Bond, Peter Burgoyne, Shaun Burgoyne, Ronnie Burns, Norm Byron, Barry Cable, Shane Cable, Fred Campbell, Matt Campbell, Warren Campbell, Kevin Caton, Sean Charles, Scott Chisholm, Allen Christensen, Raphael Clarke, Xavier Clarke, Eric Clarke, Che Cockatoo-Collins, David Cockatoo-Collins , Donald Cockatoo-Collins, Adam Cockie, Richard Cole, Clayton Collard, Cyril Collard, Reuben Cooper, Anthony Corrie, Shannon Cox, Percy Cummings, Robert Cummings, Trent Cummings,

Aaron Davey, Alwyn Davey, Leon Davis, Courtenay Dempsey, Gary Dhurrkay, Brad Dick, Willie Dick, Nathan Djerrkura, Shane Edwards, Alf Egan, Chris Egan, Phil Egan, Graham “Polly” Farmer, Jeff Farmer, Cameron Faulkner, Fabian Francis, Lance Franklin, Jeff Garlett, Cruize Garlett, Adam Goodes, Colin Graham, Jonathon Griffin, Antoni Grover, Curtly Hampton , Jarrod Harbrow, Roger Hayden, Des Headland, Bradley Hill, Josh Hill, Stephen Hill, Eddie Hocking, Rhan Hooper, Jarman Impey, Eddie Jackson, Syd Jackson, Jarrhan Jacky, Shadrach James, Russell Jeffrey, Leroy Jetta, Neville Jetta, Lewis Jetta, Graham Johncock, Bert Johnson, Chris Johnson, Joe Johnson, Michael Johnson, Percy Johnson, Bob Jones, Liam Jones, Liam Jurrah,

Adam Kerinaiua, Dale Kickett, Derek Kickett, Steven Koops, Andrew J. Krakouer, Andrew L. Krakouer, Jim Krakouer, Nathan Krakouer, Phil Krakouer, Jamie Lawson, Shawn Lewfatt, Chris Lewis, Rex Liddy, Michael Long, Andy Lovell, Andrew Lovett, Ted Lovett, Wally Lovett, Nathan Lovett-Murray, Malcolm Lynch, Neil Marshall, Brandon Matera, Peter Matera, Phillip Matera, Wally Matera, teven May, Adrian McAdam, Gilbert McAdam, Greg McAdam, Norm McDonald, Ashley McGrath, Cory McGrath, Marty McGrath, Michael McLean, Andrew, Clem Michael, Terry Milera, Harry Miller, Michael Mitchell, Gavin Mitchell, Daniel Motlop, Marlon Motlop , Shannon Motlop, Steven Motlop, Robert Muir, Justin Murphy, Allan Murray, Derek Murray, Mark Naley, Phil Narkle, Murray Newman, Doug Nicholls,

Jarrad Oakley-Nicholls, Michael O’Loughlin, Ricky O'Loughlin, Liam Patrick, Danyle Pearce, Derek Peardon, Carl Peterson, Jared Petrenko, Byron Pickett, Lionel Proctor, Albert Proud, Elkin Reilly, Cyril Rioli, Dean Rioli, Maurice Rioli, Relton Roberts, Jason Roe, Lachlan Ross, Shannon Rusca, Patrick Ryder, Ashley Sampi, Eddie Sansbury, Sam Sheldon, Casey Sibosado, George Simmonds, Dwayne Simpson, Josh Simpson, Zephaniah Skinner, Brennan Stack, Brian Stanislaus, Charlie Stewart, Cameron Stokes, Mathew Stokes, Byron Sumner,

Richard Tambling, Garth Taylor, Kevin Taylor, Troy Taylor, Lindsay Thomas, Wade Thompson, Alan Thorpe, Shane Tongerie, Troy Ugle, Keren Ugle, Travis Varcoe, Rod Waddell, Andrew Walker, Michael Walters, Jim Wandin, Gavin Wanganeen, Elijah Ware, Gerrick Weedon, Isaac Weetra , Sharrod Wellingham, Daniel Wells, Mark West, Matthew Whelan, Darryl White, Djaran Whyman, Mark Williams, Russell Williams , Zac Williams, Nathan Wilson, Chad Wingard, Nicholas Winmar, Nicky Winmar, David Wirrpanda, Clinton Wolf, Austin Wonaeamirri, Dion Woods, Peter Yagmoor, Chris Yarran

AFL Women's
Ally Anderson, Taylah Angel, Kirby Bentley, Codie Briggs, Mia-Rae Clifford, Cassie Davidson, Tiah Haynes, Gemma Houghton, Alicia Janz, Shaleise Law, Emily McGuire, Aliesha Newman, Demi Okely, Kira Phillips, Natalie Plane, Tayla Thorn, Ruth Wallace

Not included, but equally recognised are the players from state leagues such as the WAFL, SANFL, NTFL, QAFL, NTFA, NWFL, NEAFL, AFL Canberra, AFL Sydney, country football, suburban football and junior football.

Player clubs and details have been left off list. To view these details, visit the Wikipedia page of the AFL at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of...an_descent
To track details of other players at state, metropolitan or country competitions, visit their websites or contact the leagues directly.

Without the contribution of the players listed and recognised our game would not be where it is today. Sport, especially footy, represents only a small part of our lives. Yet it is a part of life that brings people together – black or white – and as a result plays an important role.


Picture Source: Nicky Winmar (AFL Queensland)