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  • Thursday, July 09 2020 @ 11:06 am ACST
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For those unaware, I have made the decision for a variety of family and personal reasons to step aside from my role writing for World Footy News. After eight years in the role, I needed to move on to a more family-based lifestyle. However, footy goes on - just look at how the AFL is still finding ways to keep running despite the ongoing threats associated with COVID-19. Footy worldwide is in a period of low activity, but that will change.

Likewise, World Footy News will continue to adapt to the changing world around it. Whilst personnel and content may change, the roles of the website - to help promote Australian Football as it grows across the world through positive reporting - will remain. The website has always attempted to do what no others have done - try and cover the game at a global level, opening up as many connections as possible to ensure the footy world remain aware of how the game is growing and where.

Many websites report on their own parts of the world, but only World Footy News has continued to write original stories, or share those of others.
During this period of change and adjustment, anyone wishing to send something to our editors - either full stories, or information that can be turned into a story, can send to the website's email address at:


Similarly, if you have enjoyed our stories and wish to become a localised (or global) contributor to the website, make contact with our editors at the same email address.

Finally, I wanted to thank the editors and fellow writers at World Footy news for their great support. More importantly, however, is my thanks to the readers of these stories and also to those organisations, clubs and individuals who have entrusted their details to me. I hope I have done your information proud.