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Top Ten Links

  • AFL International Leagues section (120,067)
    The AFL's guide to Aussie Rules outside of Australia
  • AFANA (40,338)
    Australian Football Association of North America - promoting footy and a vital source of TV coverage information
  • United States AFL (15,813)
    Homepage of the controlling body for USAFL clubs in America - features news, club links and more
  • AFL Britain (13,352)
    Controlling body for footy in Britain - featuring leagues in London, Regional England, Scotland and Wales.
  • ARFL Ireland (12,983)
    The Australian Rules Football League Ireland
  • AFL South Africa (12,732)
    The home of the emerging African powerhouse
  • Danish AFL (12,730)
    The governing body of Australian football in Denmark
  • AFL New Zealand (12,722)
    The governing body of Australian football in New Zealand (formerly the New Zealand AFL)
  • AFL International Cup News (12,615)
    The AFL's International Cup News page
  • AFL Canada (9,529)
    The governing body of Australian football in Canada