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World XVIII mark two announced

  • Thursday, June 30 2011 @ 10:59 am ACST
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General News

This year's edition of the World XVIII youth side has been released. The side of 14 to 18 year olds will compete in the NAB AFL Under 16 Championships Division Two, alongside fellow internationals the South Pacific and Australian states/territories NSW/ACT, Queensland, Tasmania and Northern Territory. Due to scheduling and concessions the two international sides will play one game less than their Aussie counterparts but the event will still be invaluable in exposing world talent to scouts and what is required to take their game to the next level.

As per 2010 the side will feature true internationals nominated by the AFL's international affiliates and be strengthened by Australian-based talent with recent multicultural backgrounds. Perhaps one disappointment is that the number of players from the affiliates is down from 18 to 12 this year. It's a reminder that whilst junior development is on a tremendous surge in the South Pacific the game is not quite so advanced in the Northern Hemisphere. A strong feature of the 2011 squad is a number of tall immigrants of North African descent.

This year's affiliates to provide players are Canada (4), South Africa (3), East Timor (2), USA (1), Scotland (1), Ireland (1). Notable absences are Denmark and England. The full World XVIII squad is listed below courtesy of Peter Romaniw, AFL Multicultural and International Coordinator .

The World XVIII will benefit from impeccable coaching and training. The team will come together on the 4th of July in Melbourne for a high performance camp under the leadership of head coach Chris Johnson (ex-Brisbane Lions) and assistant Michael Ablett (current VFL assistant at Sandringham and former AIS/AFL Academy graduate). The team will also be assisted by Brad Johnson (ex Western Bulldogs champion) and Michael O’Loughlin (ex Sydney Swan and current AIS/AFL high performance academy coach).

A number of current AFL Players were born outside of Australia, including Collingwood’s Harry O’Brien (Brazil), Port Adelaide’s David Rodan (Fiji), Brisbane’s Pearce Hanley (Ireland) and Sydney Swans Tadhg Kennelly (Ireland). Perhaps one of these young men will be the first to learn the game overseas and then one day play AFL. Certainly the South Pacific surprised onlookers in 2010 with not just their athleticism but also genuine football skills. Both international sides begin on July 10th in Sydney.

World XVIII Team 2011

Number (Name/Surname) D.O.B. Ht. (cm) Wt. (kg) Country
1 Charles Irra 15/06/1996 165cm 60kg Uganda/SA
2 Jason Silen 7/08/1995 168cm 55kg Canada
3 Inacio Da Silva Amaral 7/03/1993 168cm 65kg East Timor
4 Nishan Coyne 13/11/1994 169cm 63kg Sri Lanka/VIC
5 Sikhulule Gamakhulu 3/07/1992 168cm 60kg South Africa
6 Alex Jalloh 5/10/1995 173cm 65kg Sierra Leone/NSW-ACT
7 Omar Abdallah 15/05/1994 173cm 74kg Lebanon/VIC
8 Mohamed Saad 21/06/1994 174cm 76kg Lebanon/VIC
9 Ayanda Moshoeshoe 5/11/1996 174cm 57kg South Africa
10 Majok Aneet 1/01/1993 175cm 73kg Sudan/VIC
11 Adam Saad 23/07/1994 175cm 69kg Lebanon/VIC
12 Justin Ngudu 15/05/1994 175cm 76kg Sudan/NSW
13 Keitumetse Molelle 18/12/1994 176cm 60kg South Africa
14 Brennan Lew-Cooke 31/03/1995 177cm 71kg Canada
15 Henry Peni 10/021996     178cm     70kg     Samoa/VIC
16 Ring Majok 26/08/1995 180cm 68kg Sudan/TAS
17 Basam Ajrish 1/01/1994 180cm 78kg Syria/SA
18 Bradley Xavier 16/09/1996 181cm 67kg India/VIC
19 Alex Tivy 1/09/1993 183cm 73kg Canada
20 Sami Sir 20/01/1996 183cm 65kg Turkey/New Zealand/VIC
21 Manuel Marsil Santos da Silva    25/06/1994 - - East Timor
22 Dan Lanhane 30/07/1993 187cm 77kg USA
23 MIki Masaki 17/01/1994 187cm 85kg Japan/VIC
24 Jimmy Aganas 30/04/1995 189cm 72kg Sudan/TAS
25 Tom Exton 29/09/1993 190cm 76kg Scotland
26 Muris Bartley 8/11/1992 190cm 83kg Ireland
27 Garang Lual 15/01/1995 191cm 65kg Sudan/SA
28 Aliir Aliir 5/09/1994 192cm 82kg Sudan/NSW
29 Abraham Kur 31/07/1993 193cm 73kg Sudan/VIC
30 Anthony Daw 9/09/1996 196cm 72kg Sudan/VIC
35 Darren Ledoux 8/14/1993 198cm 95kg Canada

Coach - Chris Johnson
Assistant Coach - Michael Ablett
Mentors - Brad Johnson and Michael O'Loughlin