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Rest of World

  • AFANA (40,340)
    Australian Football Association of North America - promoting footy and a vital source of TV coverage information
  • AFL International Cup News (12,615)
    The AFL's International Cup News page
  • AFL International Leagues section (120,085)
    The AFL's guide to Aussie Rules outside of Australia
  • AFL News in French (1,595)
    All the news from the AFL, in French.
  • AFLPNG blog (1,339)
    Blog covering footy related issues in PNG
  • ANZAC Sports Challenge - London (1,523)
    Website of the ANZAC Sports Challenge - A festival to be held in London on Anzac Day which will feature sports matches between Australia and New Zealand. Those matches will include Aussie Rules mens matches (the preseason competion) hosted by the BARFL, plus an Aussie Rules womens match and an Aussie Rules-Rugby match hosted by ARUK.
  • Asian Australian Football Council (1,288)
    Council formed by various leagues/clubs to coordinate the game in Asia.
  • Asian Footy Champs Blogspot (1,523)
    Blogspot for Asian Australian Football Championships
  • Aussie X (Ontario junior clinics) (1,499)
    Junior development in Ontario, Canada
  • Bangladesh Australian Football (1,443)
    Facebook page for people interested in playing footy in Bangladesh
  • Barassi International Australian Youth Football Tournament (1,609)
    Bringing Aussie Rules to the Youth of the world
  • BC Footy (1,897)
    Parent website for Australian Football clubs in British Columbia, Canada
  • BigFooty - International forum (3,705)
    BigFooty - Australian Rules Football discussion forum, including international-specific board.
  • CODA Sports (1,511)
    The Argentine National Games and Alternative Sports Commission. They are recognised by the Argentinean government as the official body for 20 'alternative sports' in Argentina, including Aussie Rules
  • Dave's Football Blog (1,933)
    It's always football season somewhere - a US-based site that has interesting things to say on all football codes, including Aussie Rules.
  • EU Cup website (1,659)
    Official website of the EU Cup. The 2007 competition will be held in Hamburg, Germany
  • European Championships 2010 (1,264)
    Inaugural European Championships in Australian Football
  • Footy Domain - A whole world of AFL footy (1,519)
    Footy Domain has games, information, entertainment, merchandise, downloads and more for the AFL football world. Now with Lost In Footy - the Online JavaScript interactive 3D wide screen match simulation with a space age theme.
  • German Forum for Aussie Rules (1,529)
    A mainly German language forum for discussing Australian Football
  • Hampton Rovers - International Page (1,674)
    Australian club the Hampton Rovers are actively involved in promoting footy internationally
  • HANZ Up (1,308)
    Dedicated link to Hawthorn's AFL development program in New Zealand
  • IC08 (1,594)
    Quick link to the AFL's 2008 Australian Football International Cup News webpage.
  • Irish Warriors (1,552)
    Website of Ireland's national squad
  • Italian Team of the Century (1,503)
    Website for selecting an Australian Football "Team of the Century" based on players, mostly AFL/VFL, with recent Italian heritage.
  • MYKwebTV (1,926)
    An assorted site, with pieces on Aussie Rules footy, from USA, Canada, Australia, streaming Video of Aussie footy leagues and other sports, and interviews with NFL & CFL cheerleaders.
  • Noumea footy facebook group (1,476)
    Footy in New Caledonia
  • Peres Centre AFL Peace Team (1,369)
    A page on the Peres Centre For Peace site dedicated to the Israeli-Palestinian team that will compete at the 2008 International Cup.
  • Portugal Australian Football (1,673)
    A site to get in touch with others interested in playing footy in Portugal
  • Saturday Morning Footy (Washington DC, USA) (1,664)
    A junior football program, influenced by Auskick, being established in Washington DC.
  • Sharks TV (1,495)
    Watch The Glasgow Sharks on You Tube
  • Swedish Elks (1,636)
    Facebookpage of the national team of Sweden.
  • textmefootyscores (1,491)
    textmefootyscores is an initiative of USFooty to deliver footy scores to mobiles
  • Turkey Australian Football (Facebook) (1,844)
    Facebook group for people interested in playing footy in Turkey
  • USFootyNews (1,991)
    Footy news site focussing on the game in the United States, partner site to worldfootynews.com and started by current and former WFN writers Chris Adams and Wayne Kraska
  • Yankaroos (1,695)
    A group of American university students who spent time studying in Australia, developed a passion for Aussie Rules and are now spreading the game in the States.