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World Rankings as at end 22nd October 2016

There is currently no official system of World Rankings for Australian Football, as the international game is still mostly amateur, still maturing and there are often difficulties in nations having all their best players available. However, due to popular demand, worldfootynews.com has been providing rankings since 2006.

This is our first formal World Rankings since August 2016, and follows the completion of the 2016 All Asia Championships in Vietnam and a one-off International Test between Great Britain and Ireland in Dublin.

The contesting of the inaugural All Asia Championships on Friday 14th October saw the debut of a new international Australian Football entity, Team IndoChina. The Team IndoChina concept is similar to the European Crusaders in that it draws local Asian players from the Indochina Nations that are currently unable to field a full national side. This first edition of Team IndoChina was formed with players from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. At this stage worldfootynews.com has decided to treat the entity as per any other international side.

China is a fully ranked nation whilst Indonesia is provisionally ranked, now only one game away from becoming fully ranked. Team IndoChina debuted with the standard 40 rating points but must reach eight matches to enter the proper rankings table.

Note no actual positional changes in ranks occurred as a result of all these matches.

Sadly Samoa, once an emerging footy powerhouse, has now slipped off our rankings, having not played a recognised international for over 8 years. But welcome “Team IndoChina” to the international Australian Football family of nations - but what flag will you fly under?

World Footy News Australian Football World Rankings

(as at end of 22nd October)

Rank        Team Points Games Rank Change
1 Australia - steady
2 Papua New Guinea 57.66 34 steady
3 New Zealand 55.09 38 steady
4 Ireland 53.98 54 steady
5 Nauru 53.30 27 steady
6 South Africa 49.63 27 steady
7 Great Britain 48.38 59 steady
8 United States 47.61 43 steady
9 Canada 46.69 43 steady
10 Denmark 43.67 47 steady
11 Tonga 41.93 14 steady
12 Croatia 40.35 8 steady
13 Fiji 40.18 14 steady
14 France 39.09 13 steady
15 Germany 37.44 20 steady
16 Japan 37.17 29 steady
17 Peace Team 36.46 11 steady
18 Sweden 34.18 39 steady
19 China 30.91 18 steady
20 Finland 27.45 18 steady
21 India 23.01 16 steady
Prov. Indonesia 36.58 7 *
Dorm. Iceland 35.64 4 **
Prov. IndoChina 34.00 2 * new
Prov. Pakistan 32.35 5 *
Prov. Timor-Leste 27.40 6 *

* Nations marked in grey with an asterisk have played less than eight (8) matches under our criteria, and currently hold provisional ranking points, but are not yet officially ranked.
** Countries that have not played a qualifying full field match for 4 years are considered dormant and after 8 years fall off our list altogether. Iceland has not played a qualifying full field match for over 4 years and so are regarded as dormant, they must play by 07/08/2018 to stay on the list. Spain fell off the list based on this criteria in 2013 and Samoa in 2016.

   For a full discussion of the eligibility criteria of games see World Rankings - Criteria

   For a full list of the included matches, see World Rankings - Matches

   For a full discussion of how the rankings are produced, see World Rankings - Method

   For previous rankings see World Rankings - Historical

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