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Aussie Rules the World Podcast: Travis Crockett AFL Colombia

  • Saturday, March 09 2024 @ 07:58 am ACDT
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South America

Adam Gomolinski spoke with AFL Colombia's Travis Crockett about developing the game in Colombia. Colombia have been named among the nations who will send men's and women's teams to the AFL's Transatlantic Cup International Regional Tournament that has replaced the International Cup.

ARTW Team Podcast: Feb 2024 Updates and Discussions

  • Wednesday, February 14 2024 @ 10:29 am ACDT
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General News

Welcome to Aussie Rules The World Team Podcast! Join Troy Thompson, Greg Bridges, and Adam Gomolinski as we explore footy beyond Australia. From global games to upcoming events, we've got you covered. Tune in for all things footy from around the world.

World Footy Podcast 14th July 2023

  • Friday, July 14 2023 @ 07:05 pm ACST
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Europe Listen in as we recap footy scores and news from around the world last week, including matches from the USAFL, AFL Canada, AFL London, the AFL Europe Euro Cup, PNG, Tonga, Vanuatu and AFL Asia.

World Footy Podcast June 22nd 2023

  • Friday, June 23 2023 @ 07:36 pm ACST
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Europe Before you head to the footy this weekend, listen to our wrap up of footy scores from around the world last weekend including USAFL, AFL Canada, AFL Europe and AFL PNG.

World Footy Podcast June 15th 2023

  • Thursday, June 15 2023 @ 09:51 pm ACST
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Oceania On the podcast this week we recap scores from around the world last weekend including from USAFL, AFL Canada, AFL Europe, Bali Masters, AFL PNG and AFL Nauru.

Do We Need Bubble Wrap?

  • Friday, June 09 2023 @ 06:22 pm ACST
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General News Since I last wrote an article for this website, the footy landscape has changed. On social media, there are pages and pages of debate about what has been happening to our great game - in particular the world of tackling. Conversations have been ignited the world over, along the lines of "back in my day...". The following is my take on where we might go in the future, not really debating the argument as it exists, but looking forward to a football world full of unicorns, mermaids and a tackle-less footy world.

World Footy Podcast June 8th 2023

  • Thursday, June 08 2023 @ 10:29 pm ACST
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North America This week we round up scores from around the footy grounds around the world. Scores and news this week from USAFL, AFL Vanuatu, AFL Canada and AFL Europe.

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