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World Footy News World Rankings post European Championships day 3

  • Saturday, October 08 2022 @ 03:35 pm ACDT
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                  7th October 2022  Zagreb, CROATIA


Rank Country            Points  Last  Played

1 Australia                                 1

2 Papua New Guinea  61.99    2    39

3 New Zealand             57.88   3    43

4 Ireland                       53.41    4    70

5 Nauru                        52.97    5     32

6 United States            50.77    6     51

7 Great Britain             49.04     7     71

8 Denmark                   47.45     8     51

9 South Africa               46.61    9     51

10 Canada                   44.41   10     49

11 France                     43.26    11    26

12 Croatia                    40.73    12     21

13 China                      39.91     13     24

14 Fiji                           38.01    14     19

15 Germany                 35.50    15     32

16 Japan                      35.06    16     34

17 Sweden                   34.18    17     39

18 Indonesia                30.94    18     12

19 Pakistan                  29.14    19     10

20 India                        27.45    20     21

P1 Sri Lanka                37.41     P1      5

P2 Indo China              34.00     P2      7

D Tonga                        41.93           14

D Finland                       27.45          15

P Provisional Rank only as less than 8 eight qualifying matches played.

D Dormant as 5 Five Years since last Played.

No changes with Semi-Final matches played Day 3.

World Footy News World Rankings Women's European Championships 2022 After Day 3

  • Saturday, October 08 2022 @ 01:20 pm ACDT
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WFN World Ranking Women post European Championships Day 3 Semi-Finals

                          7th October 2022 Zagreb, Croatia


Rank Country Rating   Last Played

1 Australia                       1

2 Canada            53.40    2     19

3 Ireland              53.15    3     32

4 Great Britain     47.64    4     20

5 Fiji                     44.70    5     10  

6 Canada B Suns 42.60    6      8

7 United States     41.81    7   19

8 Germany            40.55    8   10

9 PNG                   37.03    9   10

10 Crusaders        34.24  10   13

P1 Croatia             38.38   P1   5

P2 USA B Liberty  31.93   P2    5

P3 Pakistan           28.79   P3   5

D Tonga                 41.81          4

No changes in ranks on day 3 Semi Finals Matches

World Footy News World Rankings European Championships 2022

  • Friday, October 07 2022 @ 08:50 pm ACDT
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General News


                         6th October 2022 Zagreb, Croatia

Rank Country             Points    Last    Played

1 Australia 1

2 Canada                       53.40    2         19

3 Ireland                         53.15    3          31

4 Great Britain                46.45    5          19

5 Fiji                                44.70    4          10

6 Canada Midnight Suns 42.60    6           8

7 United States                41.81    7         19

8 Germany                        41.74    P1       9

9 Papua New Guinea         37.03    9      10

10 European Crusaders     34.24    8       13

P1 Croatia                          38.38    P2       4

P2 United States Liberty      31.93   P2      5

P3 Pakistan                          28.79   P3      5

D Tonga                                  32.50

P- Provisional Rank as Nation yet to play 8 Eight qualifying matches.

D- Dormant as 5 Five Years since last played.

Germany became fully ranked in 8th place 1st game on day 2.

Great Britain have climbed onto 4th rank.

Crusaders have slipped to 10th place with their losses today.

Croatia Queens clawed back 0.99 rating points with the Crusaders win.

WFN World Rankings - Post AFL Europe Championships Day 2

  • Friday, October 07 2022 @ 06:39 pm ACDT
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General News


                         6th October 2022  Zagreb, Croatia

Rank Country              Points   Last Played

1 Australia                                 1

2 Papua New Guinea  61.99     2      39

3 New Zealand            57.88     3      43

4 Ireland                      53.41     4      69

5 Nauru                        52.97    5       32

6 United States            50.77    6        51

7 Great Britain              47.70    8       72 

8 Denmark                    47.45    8      51

9 South Africa                46.61    9      32

10 Canada                     44.41   10     49

11 France                       44.25   12      25

12 Croatia                      41.09    11      21

13 China                        39.91    13       24

14 Fiji                             38.01   14       19

15 Germany                   35.50   15       32

16 Japan                        35.06   16       34

17 Sweden                     34.18   17       39

18 Indonesia                  30.94   18        12

19 Pakistan                    29.14   19        10

20 India                          20.71   20        21

P1 Sri Lanka                   37.41   P1        5

P2 Indo China                  34.00   P2        7

D Tonga                            41.93   14

D Finland                           27.45   15

P- provisional as Nation yet to play 8 qualifying matches

D- Rank Dormant as 8 eight years since last played.

Only change in rank from yesterday (day1) is France and Croatia swapping 11th for 12th

Cam Homes

Racism In Footy And The Battle To Remove It

  • Wednesday, September 21 2022 @ 02:00 pm ACST
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General News

In due course, the Hawthorn Football Club will answer to racism claims which are both disturbing and if true, indefensible. Time will tell. However, almost a year ago I wrote this article on racism in footy and it barely raised an eyebrow. I float it again in the hope that people can have another look at the whole concept of racism, not just in footy but in wider social and human circles.

The past couple of weeks have seen racial slurs through social media against high profile AFL players. The latest target has been Port Adelaide’s Aliir Aliir. Before that, St Kilda’s Brad Hill and Richmond’s new recruit, Matthew Parker. This is just a week on from St Kilda’s Paddy Ryder being trolled in a similar manner. Hawk 400-gamer, Shaun Burgoyne has led a chorus of condemnation, and the brilliant documentary from former Essendon star, Nathan Lovett-Murray called The Ripple Effect hammers home the toll of racism on indigenous people everywhere.

The AFL recently released their media response to the surge in racist actions against footballers. The extended letter, which condemns racial vilification in all forms, contains the following:

“The AFL strongly condemns racial vilification in the football community including our players, staff, and their families, across all levels of our game.”

“The recent incidents are harmful. Acts of racism can trigger trauma and seriously impact the mental health of the individuals, families and communities involved. Racist actions and behaviours are inexcusable.”

Is There A Football Pecking Order For Beliefs?

  • Friday, January 28 2022 @ 05:07 pm ACDT
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General News

In the case of GWS Giants player, Haneen Zreika, in the AFLW, I must admit to being confused. I was unaware that there was a hierarchy, or order of importance, for what constitutes valid grounds for not playing a match.

From my standpoint, this talented young woman deserves respect, not only for her contribution to women's football in general, and at the highest level, but also as a Muslim woman who is proud and respectful of her beliefs.

Yet, I read that she is a hypocrite and is being attacked, sometimes viciously, across social media for putting her religious beliefs ahead of the LGBTQIA+ community and standing down as a player this weekend to ensure she does not wear a jumper that is in conflict with core Muslim beliefs. This has upset many, and perhaps I am wrong and there is a 'ladder' of importance where some beliefs are more important than others.

Is The “Gender Divide” In Footy Diminishing – A Case Study

  • Thursday, November 11 2021 @ 08:23 am ACDT
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General News

Yesterday, on a small school oval in far North Queensland, a team of girls played against a team of boys in our school’s first ever match which pitted one gender against another. Our boys and girls had been wanting this match all year, as had previous teams in years gone by, but with the help of local women’s footy gurus we went ahead.

Gordonvale State School has enjoyed success with girl’s teams since 2013, reaching regional and state finals regularly. The boys have not been as successful at that same level, but many play for local clubs so there is a high skill level and understanding of the game. It was always going to be interesting to see whether the boys dominated or the girls surprised.

Back in 2009 I arranged a similar game for girls v boys at another school. The girl’s team featured current North Melbourne AFLW player Elisha King. Whilst she terrorised the boys that day and booted around four goals, the boys were too good – by a significant margin.

Defining Inclusive – The Quandary of Girls v Boys

  • Thursday, September 23 2021 @ 02:07 pm ACST
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General News

A furore has broken out in Queensland with the state U18 Netball Championships won by an all-boys team in an otherwise girl’s competition. There are rabid arguments flying through media, families and the sport itself and at the same time raising questions about the fairness of such competitions.

For the record, the Queensland Suns U17 Boys team won the final against the Bond University Bull Sharks 46-12. These boys went through the entire competition undefeated, and winning all matches by an average of 30 points. They were far superior on the scoreboard, raising the ire of parents, spectators and in turn media (social and otherwise).

For the record, it must be said that the boys have done absolutely nothing wrong. Their team was entered into the championships by express permission of the state netball governing body, Netball QLD. The argument cannot be directed at those who played, but instead at the decision makers who allowed this.

For The Greater Good

  • Friday, September 03 2021 @ 12:47 pm ACST
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General News

Toby Greene just has to go down for six weeks (at the very least) after his deliberate bump on umpire Matt Stevic in last weekend’s Elimination Final between the Greater Western Sydney Giants and the Sydney Swans in Launceston. There is no doubt that Greene is a terrific footballer in terms of physical skills and a game play footballing brain. But in terms of his thought processes outside of that, such as his irrational reactions, he is in danger of derailing his career.

However, in that respect he is no different really to a legion of players across the years such as Carl Ditterich, Phil Carmen, Robert Muir, “Mopsy” Fraser, Bob Chitty, David Rhys-Jones and others. Across the past century, these names are described as amongst the “toughest” yet often the most undisciplined players the game has seen. It’s fine to walk the edge of “tough” and “rough”, but constantly crossing the line harms the game.

Funny thing is, regardless of what has happened to those players over the years, there is another audience present, watching on with great interest as their role models or club heroes slug it out, so to speak.

For the greater good, kids and the game’s future, Toby Greene just has to go down with the severest penalty possible.

Retiring Rockliff A Genuine Journeyman

  • Tuesday, August 10 2021 @ 03:30 pm ACST
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General News

Tom Rockliff's retirement from AFL footy, announced today, might otherwise be just another name in the end-of-year lists of players from all clubs hanging up their boots. However, Rockliff will say goodbye to the game with an achievement not done by any other player, and possibly never to be repeated - though we hope not.

Rockliff's journey of 208 games with both the Brisbane Lions and Port Adelaide has been decorated with All-Australian selection, captaincy at Brisbane and a Rising Star nomination in 2010. But he retires as the player who has played for premiership points in three countries - Australia, New Zealand and China - as well as an International Rules match in Ireland.

No other player has had a career with so many overseas games across multiple countries.

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