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World Footy News AFL World Rankings

  • Thursday, July 18 2024 @ 03:10 pm ACST
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With the resumption of International Australian Rules Football Matches when the 2024 Trans-Atlantic Cup gets under way on 2nd August in Toronto, Canada, and the debut of Colombia and France Women* to International 'Footy' I think it is appropriate to refresh everyone on how our World Footy News World Ranking scheme works.

Australian Rules Football World Ranking

The Australian Rules Football World Rankings are a “Points Exchange” system in which sides take points off each other based on match results. Whatever one side gains, the other loses. The points exchanges are based on match result, the relative strength of each team, and the margin of victory, and there is an allowance for home advantage.

WFN Women's World Rankings 2024

  • Saturday, June 29 2024 @ 05:41 pm ACST
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World Footy News World Ranking Women 2024

Below is the WFN World Ranking Women 2024, which includes the 49th Parallel Cup matches between Canada and United States teams played in August 2023. With the Trans-Atlantic Cup due to be contested shortly, a refresher about the Ranking Scheme wouldn't go astray:

P is Provisional: Nations need to play 8 (eight) elegible matchs to become fuuly ranked.

D is Dormant: A nation becomes dormant when it has not played a match in 5 years. It retains its rating points until it plays its next eligible match. Initially if country did not play a match for eight years it would be removed from the Ranks. Due to the pandemic disrupting International Footy for nigh on 3 years, I have unilaterally decided to extend the cut off time out to 10 years. I don't think I will get any arguments about that. Tonga would have been removed at end of 2022 so hopefully if they get involved in the Pacific Cup later this year they can rejoin the Ranks. 

WFN World Rankings 2024

  • Friday, June 28 2024 @ 08:31 pm ACST
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Howdy Everybody. That is, fellow survivors of that damned Covid pandemic. Putting lockdowns, 12-day home quarantine isolation, multiple vaccines, travel restrictions and foul tasting anti-virals etc. behind us/me it is time to remind the International Footy World what the World Rankings pre-Covid looked like.

The upcoming Trans-Atlantic Cup signals a long-awaited resumption of International Footy competition so we are republishing the WFN Rankings as of post 2022 European Championships. This the last competition published on WFN.

A reminder for everyone: P Provisional Nation has not played the required 8 (eight) international matches to become fully Ranked. D Dormant Nation has not played an international match in 5 or more Years. Retains rating points until plays another eligible match.

The initial rules concerning nations becoming dormant and consequently being removed from the ranking were if a nation exceeded 8 years without playing an eligible International then the fell off the Ranking Scheme. Therefore, Tonga and Finland would have been removed from the ranks in 2023. However, due to the pandemic bringing International Matches to a grinding halt for well over two years I have unilaterally extended the cut off time to ten years. I don’t think I will get any arguments on that decision.


ARTW Team Podcast #8

  • Tuesday, May 21 2024 @ 07:53 am ACST
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This week Adam, Greg and Troy discuss the news, scores and upcoming events in the next two weeks of footy around the world.

Maroochydore to host 2024 Pacific Cup

  • Thursday, May 09 2024 @ 10:08 am ACST
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Oceania Four years on from the cancelled 2020 International Cup, Queensland will play host to Australian rules football with an international flavour when around 500 people representing teams from across the Pacific region descend on Maroochydore in November.

The AFL International Cup was first staged in 2002 and held every three years through to 2017. The 2020 event was cancelled because of the pandemic and then the AFL announced that the 2023 edition would not be held.

The AFL decided to split the event into three regional championships to be played this year – and the Pacific Cup along with the Transatlantic Cup (Canada, August) and the Asia Cup (location TBC, November) – is the resulting replacement for the beloved worldwide format.

ARTW Team Podcast #7 - Footy Results From Around the World

  • Monday, May 06 2024 @ 12:55 pm ACST
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Adam and Troy discuss footy happening around the world, recap the scores from the past fortnight and look at what's coming up in footy.

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